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Mixer Grinders
Made of food grade stainless steel and ABS material, this range of Mixer Grinders is accessible with 4 jars. These have 12 months of warranty period. Light in weight, these have uniform blending function.
Kitchen Chimneys are modular designed equipments that are installed in cooking areas to forcefully collect and throw out the hot smoke and steam generated during food preparation. They are driven using a high performance electric motor for their efficient operation.

Room Heater
This array of Room Heaters is appreciated for its low power consumption rate and ergonomic look. These electricity driven heating systems have quartz based heat generation facility. Long working life is one of their main aspects.
This collection of Infrared Thermometers is reckoned for its user friendly mechanism and error free temperature measurement technique. These hand held instruments have automatic power off arrangement and mechanical trigger off facility.
LPG Water Heaters
LPG Water Heaters are gas driven heating appliances that uses the heat energy generated during the burning of liquefied petroleum gas to raise the temperature of water. They are provided with various control knobs to regulate the water flow and temperature level.

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